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Our Vision
We believe in simplifying the complex, and that's why we've brought all essential tools into one user-friendly software.

Embrace the power of simplicity as we seamlessly integrate cutting-edge AI assistance, ensuring that your workflow is not only efficient but also intelligent.

Avnish R. Parekh, CEO

We understand the critical importance of security in healthcare. That's why we employ gold-standard data storage methods to safeguard your valuable information.

Tushar N. Advani, COO

Trust us to provide a secure environment, allowing you to focus on what truly matters – delivering exceptional care to your patients.

Vighnesh Parmeshwaran, CBDO
Embark on a diagnostic evolution with our suite featuring 15 powerful AI algorithms and growing. Our advanced technology swiftly analyzes over 70% of scans at any site.
In under 5 minutes, it detects abnormalities and quantifies findings, empowering radiologists for efficient and precise decision-making. Welcome to the future of diagnostic excellence.
AI Suite
ai suite
Elevate your workflow effortlessly - post-AI analysis, our intelligent text editor seamlessly incorporates findings into personalized templates.
Save time and enhance precision as you work with ease, adapting AI insights to your pre-set preferences.
Radiologists can further expedite the process by utilizing speech-to-text functionality, adding a new level of efficiency to diagnostic reporting.
Editable findings
Centered around radiologists, our solution streamlines tasks at every turn. Triage priorities urgent scans, with WhatsApp push notifications for immediate attention.
AI findings seamlessly integrate into the study list, offering quick insights on hover.
The text editor, conveniently accessible on the same page, enhances workflow. Experience a radiology solution designed for efficiency and ease.
Radiologist First
The  Team
Avnish R. Parekh
Tushar N. Advani
Vighnesh Parameshwaran
Dr. Amit Gupta
With us at the helm of radiology innovation, experience simplicity, harness the intelligence of AI, and rest easy knowing your data is in secure hands.